WHAT’S ON MY NETFLIX LIST? // aka. I gush about my favourite movies & shows

Hey guys, welcome to day 21 of Blogmas! And today I am talking about the tv shows and movies I have on “My List” on Netflix. I have felt like talking more about screens on my blog but haven’t been able to fit it into my schedule and I’m honestly so happy to be talking about something other than books today, which I kind of feel bad about but, I’m a film major so what can you expect???



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Hey guys! Today I’m coming at you with a tv discussion that I really meant to write some time last year but kind of forgot about, so sorry about that! But, I have a lot to talk about and many feelings to rant about, so hopefully, the power of my rage will make up for the delay??? Also, this might be a bit of a controversial topic so don’t hate me but today I’m delving into whether we should forgive tv shows for inappropriate/insulting content or dialogue & how we, as a society react to sexuality erasure in media.

And today I’m specifically focusing on Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Riverdale, which I know are two very popular tv shows with very intense fans!

*All sources will be linked

Riverdale Poster                                                                                                                                                Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster



Hey guys! Today I’m taking a mini break from talking about reading, but not to worry I will be coming back in a few days to talk more about my love of audiobooks!

So today, I’ll be talking to you guys about my top 5 tv shows that I am always happy to re-watch. I didn’t add Lucifer because that’s more of a happy show but, these are some of my favourite shows!



Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster


Yes, the show has a few problems (asexual and fat jokes) but overall, this show is absolutely amazing and the entire cast is a gift! I love this show and I honestly can’t believe that more people don’t watch it. This is a hilarious show with a really diverse cast and really diverse characters. The episodes are pretty short and the characters are all amazing in their own rights and YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH THIS SHOW!


Merlin Poster


I mean, come on, it’s Merlin. This show was my childhood. I used to watch this show constantly and I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty obsessed.

I know what you’re thinking. But, Ellyn, you’re such a calm and not at all obsessive person! Well, reader, I have not always been this way (I’m still not), in fact, I used to be so obsessed that I could recite whole episodes from the show and I knew every scene off by heart. I was mega creepy and I pretty much never stopped talking about it for 5ish years. If Merlin was on, we had silence or we had a war on our hands (not to be dramatic or anything).



Pushing Daisies Poster

Technically, *whispers* technically this is a cheat because I still haven’t finished season 2 but but but but but, I am always re-watching season 1 and it always makes me so happy!

It’s got Lee Pace (the dude in all the SFF movies) and he plays a Pie Maker who can touch dead things and bring them to life except that he ends up bringing the chick he really likes back to life and oh! Guess what! Once he brings them back he can’t touch them again or they will die and not come back again, whoops!

So, it’s this cute love story between two beautiful and soft people who can’t touch and one of them loves bees and the other loves pies and oh, did I mention they solve crime?


Charmed Poster


*Coughs* So, technically I haven’t finished this show either but, I know how it starts (I’ve seen the first couple of seasons), I know what happens in the middle and I know how it ends. And, I know that based on how often I watch the show that I’m going to still love the show when I’m old because I’ve been watching this since I was like, 12 so DUH!

Also, let’s talk about the reboot because it looks like trash and I want to scream and cry and mope about it because WHAT HAVE THEY DONE!


Friends Poster


I LOVE FRIENDS! I am currently watching the show through fully for the first time ever, but I am somewhere into season 3 and I’m really enjoying it. I feel confident in saying that I love Joey Tribbiani and that Ross Geller can choke.

Much like with Charmed, I have always been semi-watching this show and I’ve always been aware of what was going on plot-wise but I would say that my ideas and judgements on the show have definitely changed over the years. For example, I now hate the relationship between Rachel and Ross and did I mention that Ross can choke? He’s such a wet blanket that I almost want to skip ahead whenever he’s in a scene.




HAVE HAVE goodreadsiconinstagramiconpinteresticontumblricontwittericon


Hey guys, today I’m coming at you guys with a new TV Chats! I feel like I haven’t posted one of these in so long, which makes no sense since I enjoy writing them so much!




Image result for shadowhunters poster


It had to happen eventually.

I just don’t care anymore. I was never a big fan of the books at all so giving the show was a big leap of faith. I did really enjoy the show for the most part but eventually, I just stopped enjoying it. I got roughly halfway through season 2 before just giving up on the show. Most of this did have something to do with Dominic Sherwood. I just have a big problem with him, he says some really dumb shit. I just can’t get on board with him.


Image result for the flash arrow legends of tomorrow supergirl crossover poster

But, Ellyn aren’t you a total superhero nerd???

I know. I know.

That’s totally what you were all thinking. Well, actually yes I am, but for some reason, the shows just never click with me. I used to be a total Arow fangirl but then I realised that the show has gone to sh*t and there’s no point in me watching the Olicity show anymore when all I care about is Diggle.

On a similar note, I no longer care about The Flash and I could never get on board with Legends of Tomorrow. My younger brothers, however, absolutely love these two shows, so maybe they’re better for younger viewers???

However, I have seen a few random scenes from Supergirl and I am intrigued (mainly by Katie McGrath) so I might try giving it a shot at some point but for now, I think I’ll just stay away from DC in general. (Until Aquaman comes out, because in December that will be the only thing I talk about, whoops!)


Image result for defenders poster

Oh, boy. Yeah. Yeah, I know you guys, please don’t hurt me.

I am more of a Marvel fan, rather than a DC fan. I used to be really into the Marvel shows as well as the DC shows, I was all about the superhero shows. It was ridiculous.

Of the shows that are out, the only one I still care about is Jessica Jones. I know season 2 is coming out at some point soon, maybe hopefully?? I actually have no idea, which probably shows how much I care about Marvel tv, wow. I know there are a whole lot of Marvel shows so here’s the low down:

Daredevil – I love the cast and this is a good show but I just don’t care enough. Karen is the only good thing in this world.  I think I got a few episodes into season 2 before giving up.

Defenders – huh, this actually got greenlit, did it?

That guy with the tat – Yeah… no. #sorrynotsorry

His whole fam is dead and he likes Karen – I do not have the patience for Marvel shows anymore – I just don’t care enough anymore.

Wait, Agent’s of Shield is still running?? – How has this not been cancelled yet???


Image result for once upon a time poster Image result for grimm poster Image result for the vampire diaries poster

With these three shows, I honestly don’t know what I should do. Late last year I really got back into Once Upon A Time and so did my youngest brother but I haven’t watched it in months. I know I will eventually get back to the show, but I think I will get back to it when I next get the flu.

As for Grimm, it’s pretty much the same situation as OUAT. I enjoy this while I’m watching it (mainly because the main guy is a cop) but, most of the time I just find a reason to not watch the show.

And then we have The Vampire Diaries, a show only got 15 episodes into before I got a bit fed up with the drama. Though I will say, I always thought I would route for Damon but right now, I don’t hate Stefan, so I hope he ends up happy at the end of the series.



FRIDGES ANT goodreadsiconinstagramiconpinteresticontumblricontwittericon



Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new tv chat posts. Whether or not you’ve read the Raven Cycle series, we all know that it’s being turned into a tv show on Syfy, so today I thought I might talk about my hopes and expectations for the show!




**Adam must be relatable and he MUST BE DEAF OR I WILL RAGE – we have almost no deaf rep in media, let alone half deaf so I will be mega pissed off if they don’t include this.



  • I hope Henry is mentioned and seen every now and then in the show before he becomes and main, it would be amazing to see him random questions in class or for only some of us to understand who he is
  • The Grey Man needs to be confusing to the audience
  • Magie Stiefvater is exec producer, sci-fi channel


  • Must be deaf
  • Representation


  • Stranger Things vibe
  • Sense of family – strong


  • They would be stupid to include an all-white cast
  • MUST look like teens – Spider-Man style



  • The books primarily focus on the characters, rather than the plot so I am hoping it will be an emotional show
  • Similar to Stranger Things in terms of magical elements, if I crap myself it’s giving off the right vibe
  • Characters make the series, rather than the plot


Diverse, close to teenage age

Gansey – white

Ronan – don’t particularly care – so long as he’s tanned I’m good, car oil, biracial maybe?

Noah – White because he’s a ghost duh

Henry – Asian (in the books)

Blue – poc, Blue’s family

Adam – idc


Are you looking forward to the show?
What are your hopes & expectations for TRC?



Hey guys, today I want to chat with you guys about diversity in superhero films. Last month there was a bit of talk about this on Twitter and it really got me thinking. I am constantly ranting to my friends about the lack of diversity in film in general, but especially in the superhero films. In fact, one of my friends actually doesn’t go to see superhero films anymore unless she is 100% interested, or the cast is actually diverse (Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Thor). 

Anyway, so I kind of touched on this last month in another Tv Chats ( I have been writing a whole lot of these lately #sorrynotsorry) but the movies that we’re seeing at the moment all seem to be the same, white American man saves the day, yay and that’s pretty much it, I also talked about the movies I would actually prefer to see, if you want to check it out.


Think about it, how many diverse superheroes can you think of in film?

Here, I’ll do it with you. We’ve got Black Panther, Luke Cage, Aquaman, Cyborg and Storm. This took me a good half hour to come up with and I couldn’t even count them on both hands.

Image result for black panther poster Image result for luke cage poster Image result for Jason Momoa aquaman poster Image result for cyborg justice league poster Image result for storm x men poster Image result for wonder woman poster




Image result for spider-man: homecoming

A couple of months ago there was this big discussion on Twitter and I thought I might talk with you guys about it. A few authors put in their two cents and a bunch of actors talked about it too. I find that this is a big issue, especially nowadays when people are so aware of diversity.

I think this is most obvious in the recent movie; Ghost in The Shell. It was based off an anime and starred Scarlett Johanson. I honestly don’t understand why she felt like it was okay for her to take the role but hey, this is Hollywood.

I have two notes for this post. Mainly I want to talk about Spider-Man but, before I get into that I also want to quickly mention something that has been bugging me since the first Avengers film. Hawkeye. Now, don’t get me wrong I love Hawkeye (Let’s all ignore Age of Ultron) but in the comics he was deaf and as a deaf person it’s extremely offensive that he doesn’t even have a hearing aid in the films.


What I think we need more of in film is actors like Ed Skrein, he actually turned down a film because he learned that the character was mixed Asian.  [THIS ARTICLE SHOULD EXPLAIN EVERYTHING]


Anyway, so a couple of months ago, there was a whole lot of chat, probably derived from  the discussion from the Hellboy casting. Anyway, so people were talking about how Peter Parker (Spidey) is contractually obligated to be straight and white. It was revealed in a bunch of leaked Sony emails and honestly, I am so disapointed. [ARTICLE]

Adam Silvera also got into it on Twitter [LINK TO TWEET], saying that he was asked to write a super-hero novel but he bowed out because he couldn’t write the character as queer.

This is a huge problem because it shows that Hollywood and Publishing companies are not wlling to branch out. I already love superheroes, and I already love books, so when I find out that companies are refusing to allow non-straight characters a thing in thier books and it really doesn’t make me want to pick up their books.

Obviously I still want to read Wonder Woman and Batman, but really the lack of willingness to allow diversity in novels, especially about superheroes, who are already so straight and white, is really worrying.


How do you feel about diversity in film? What’s your stance on the issue?


ALL THE SHOWS ARE COMING BACK!| Let’s chat about all the upcoming new seasons! (& A Life Update?)

Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new Tv Chats, talking about all the shows coming back this month! I am not currently watching too many shows but these are the ones Iknow are coming out or I am excited about!


antsImage result for stranger things poster season 2 Lucifer Image result for jane the virgin season 4 poster Image result for the flash season 4 poster Image result for brooklyn nine nine season 5 poster Image result for once upon a time season 7 poster

Stranger Things Season 2 | Lucifer Season 3Jane The Virgin Season 4The Flash Season 4Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 | Once Upon A Time Season 7


Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine started this week and Stranger Things is coming out later this month. If I’m honest I am most excited for Lucifer, because aside from Stranger Things, I’m not actually up to date with any of the other shows.

I am currently on season 2 of Jane The Virgin, season 4 of B99 and season 3 of OUAT (I am really appreciating Peter Pan’s character development).

However, because school has just started and I have just started a new job, I really don’t know how much tv I will be watching, nor do I know how I will be coping with blogging.

Of all the shows on my currently watching list, I am definitely most excited for Stranger Things and Lucifer, mostly because ST is shorter and Lucifer is just SO GOOD.

The only show on my list that I don’t think I will continue with is The Flash, I used to really love the show, but like Arrow, I think the show follows the same formula and particularly with this show, it always has the same “plot twist”.


A Life Update

Hey, guys, I mentioned before that I have just started a new job and that school has just started up again. 

I have a whole stack of blog posts scheduled for the month, but I haven’t written most of them as my holiday was a total flop and I wrote basically no blog posts.

Basically, I am really feeling stretched thin at the moment; school has just started up again, I have a new job, I have not been reading much of anything, and I am pretty much just tired 24/7. I don’t want this post to be a downer, but I thought I should let you guys know that if I get to your comments late, it’s not you, it’s me.


What shows are you looking forward to watching? Do we watch any of the same shows?