The Classics Book Tag!

I’ve been on a bit of a tag binge at the moment and when I saw this one I figured it might help me fess up to how many classics I’ve actually read! I have a spare moment right now, I have walked my dog, listened to some of my audiobook and choosing between continuing my binge-watch of NCIS LA or watching Harry Potter (I chose HP!)

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01 An overhyped classic you really didn’t like:

For this question I  have two options: Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland.

asdasdas         dfasdasd Peter Pan Alice in Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, #1)

I read both of these last year and was really excited to get to them! However, unfortunately I just found them both to be pretty lackluster and completely not worth the hype. I was especially disappointed with Alice, I loved it when I was younger but when I picked it up again last year (expecting to love it) I just couldn’t connect with it like I used to.

02 Favourite time period to read about

When I do pick up a classic it’s usually an Austen or something written quite a while ago – I tend to prefer classics written around the 17-1900s.

03 Favourite fairy-tale

Favourite fairy tale? Well, that’s a tough one – my favourite Disney is Beauty and The Beast but I know that the original is much different. So I guess my favourite fairytale would have to be Rapunzel, Into The Woods style – I love the nitty gritty of it. For whatever reason, I just love how the witch blinds the prince and leaves Rapunzel in a swamp.

04 What is the most embarrassed classic you haven’t read yet

I’m taking this question to mean the classic I’m most embarrassed I haven’t read yet. 

Honestly, there is a whole list of them but the first one I thought of was The Tempest by Shakespeare. I saw an abridged version of this some time last year and loved it sbut for whatever reason I still haven’t raed it.

The Tempest (No Fear Shakespeare)

05 Top 5 classics you would like to read (soon)

Julius Caesar (No Fear Shakespeare) The Secret Garden A Tale of Two Cities Image result for collins classics treasure island Anne of Green Gables

Julius Caesar // The Secret Garden // A Tale of Two Cities // Treasure Island // Anne of Green Gables

I actually wrote an essay on Julius Caesar back in April but never actually got around to reading it so I’m hoping to get to it sooner or later. The next three books I want to get to purely because they were in my last book haul and what’s the point i buying books if you’re not going to read them?

And then there’s Anne of Green Gables – a book I actually own 3 editions of. I read this a couple of times when I was younger, and with the release of the new Netflix series I got interested in the boks again.

06 Favourite modern book/series based on a classic

asdasdasdasdASDas SDFirst & Then Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)

First & Then // The Lunar Chronicles

First & Then is a really fun modern teenage retelling of Pride and Prejudice – it’s really cool and I definitely recommend it. The Lunar Chronicles, on the other hand is a sci-fi series that retells the stories of Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White.

07 Favourite movie version/tv-series based on a classic

asdasdasdASDasasdASImage result for emma 2009 Image result for mansfield park 1999

I really like the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice but I feel like that’s a reaally obvious answer. Though, I must say the adaptations that I keep coming back to are the Austen remakes starring Johnny Lee Miller (the dude from Elementary).

08 Worst classic to movie adaptation

Image result for gwyneth paltrow emma

That is not even a question – it is so clearly the Gwenyth Paltrow version of Emma.

09 Favourite edition(s) you’d like to collect more classics from

A Tale of Two Cities Image result for vintage classics

I really enjoy the Collins Classics and the Vintage Classics editions.

10 An underhyped classic you’d recommend to everyone

The Giver

I don’t know if I’ve really read enough classics to really recommend one but I guess, I’ll go with The Giver.

I know everyone knows about the series and there’s even a movie but I don’t even know that many people who have actually read the book.


Do you read classics? Have you read any of the books I mentioned?


Driving Miss Crazy | ARC REVIEW

Driving Miss Crazy by D.J. Van Oss

my rating: ★★☆☆☆

genre: Contemporary, Romance

goodreads rating: 4.07

Driving Miss Crazy


I received an arc copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


She wants to go places. He’s got the car. If only things were that simple.
Widowed father Adrian Adams isn’t looking to change his life. He just wants to keep his seven-year-old daughter Charlie safe and happy. The last thing he expects is to suddenly lose his job as a driver for the Washington DC diplomatic community. Luckily, he’s offered a new embassy driving assignment, one that starts with a tea cup-and-tie collision with a clumsy, cute, and oddly charming Irish woman with a penchant for talking to squirrels.

Maggie MacNally always seems to fall short, especially when it comes to her family’s expectations. She’s bracing again for disappointment as she tries to forge a new life in DC. Then an out-of-the-blue summons from her influential grandmother offers her one last chance at success—a chance that puts her in Adrian’s back seat and on the road to a career in the family business of international diplomacy.



Driving Miss Crazy, is a short and fun debut rom com. I read this in between my exams, it helped me get out of a reading slump, and is a good novel if you’re tired and don’t want to read something too heavy.

This novel is different to most of the chick-lits that I’ve ever read, the main love interest actually has a daughter.

Maggie’s best friend, Jelly is crazy tolerant.

I really liked Adrian (the main love interest), but I did think he was kind of too intense with the whole protecting thing. I mean, I get it but dude chill.



The story was a bit choppy, some of the reactions from the main character just didn’t make sense to me – that being said I really did not relate to her.

Maggie really doesn’t seem like someone I would want to be friends with. All of the mistakes she makes are completely ridiculous and quite a few are predictable. At one point she tries to order some ice swans and I just knew that she was going to order the wrong thing, I mean come on she was communicating through google translate.

I think the romance got lost a little bit in the story – what with the love triangle and the side plot lines it felt like the main storyline was being put on the back burner in place of everything else.

The consequences of Maggie becoming Charlie’s (Adrian’s daughter) new mum was never talked about, which was weird bcause it’s kind of a big deal.

Maggie came across as a very self-entitled character, she’s always talking about how her big chance is going to come along, as if she won’t have to actually work for it. This aspect of her character really bugged me, yeah, she’s cute and she talks to squirrels but damn she really got on my nerves at times.


  • There was insta love but it wasn’t as insta as it could have been, if that makes any sense.
  • I enjoyed the government stuff
  • I’m so sick of love triangles
  • Controlling families suck
  • Maggie is very picky, and honestly needs to calm her farm.
  • The ending was ridiculous, even for a chick-lit.
  • I recommend it if you need a fun book to get you out of a slump.


Have you read Driving Miss Crazy? What did you think?


Book Haul [#4]


Lirael (Abhorsen, #2) Across the Wall The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1) Remember Me? Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)

Lireal // Across The Wall // The Bronze Horseman // Remember Me? // Inferno

I went to a second hand book sale today and usually when I go to this particular shop they don’t really have anything I would want to read but this time they did! The first two books I picked up were books 2 and 3.5 of the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix because Little Book Owl was raving about the series, I don’t have book one but I’m sure I’ll borrow it from the library or get it from another second hand book store at some point.

I also picked up Remember Me and Inferno at the same shop. I have yet to actually finish a Sophie Kinsella novel but I know that once I actually start her novels I will really enjoy them! I also have yet to finish a Dan Brown novel but I am trying to collect all his books before I actually start them!

fasdasdOf Mice and Men The Secret Garden A Tale of Two Cities Image result for collins classics treasure island

Of Mice and Men // The Secret Garden // A Tale of Two Cities // Treasure Island

I recently went on a classics binge. I’ve been wanting to try and improve my vocabulary and writing structure so I thought I should pick up classics. I picked up Of Mice and Men in May so I could annotate it for my english class, which paid off because I got an amazing mark (not gonna lie I’m so proud of myself because I worked probably too hard on that unit).

The other three I bought because I’ve heard amazing things about them and Treasure Island and The Secret Garden are both reasonably short and good for me to read between classes.

f                      asdasdResurrection (Skulduggery Pleasant, #10) Never Say Die (Alex Rider) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)

Resurrection (#10) // Never Say Die (#11) // The Philosopher’s Stone – Hufflepuff Edition

These three novels are all a bit of a blast to the past for me. When I was younger I was obsessed with Alex Rider, so when I heard about Anthony Horowitz having published an 11th book I was very confused but also extremely excited. I am currently re-reading the series but as soon as I get up to date I’ll be picking this one up!

Last year I also picked up the Skulduggery Pleasant series and I thought it was finally over and I was so proud of myself and then this… Another book, WHY. I don’t think I’ll be picking this up too soon but I definitely plan to get to it in the end of the year or early on next year.

I also picked up the Hufflepuff edition of the Philosopher’s Stone, I really love it. I got the hardcover edition because the paperback is so bright it hurts my eyeballs.


d                                      asdasdNova: The Human Rocket, Volume 2: Afterburn I Hate Fairyland, Volume 1: Madly Ever After

Nova: The Human Rocket Vol 2 // I Hate Fairyland Vol 1 

Last May we had Comic Book Day (An event I am totally saving up for next year because the sales hurt my wallet) and it was only the second year I had participated. I went into the city with one of my brothers, I was prepared for the onslaught of people in the comic book store, I had my comfy shoes on and was ready to fight. If you hadn’t already guesses I am a comic reader.

Anyway, so when we got to the comic shop it was packed but we managed to get a stack of free issues and then I noticed the crazy sales. I only got two comics because I had promised to take my brother to the arcade later but damn, I am totally binge-saving for Comic day next year, because I could have easily spent $100 on comics in the space of two seconds that day.


Way back in May I (that’s how long it takes me to build up my book stacks) I bought a new POP (no surprise there!) and if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a sneak peak. I love him and I can’t wait to add more pops to my SW collection over the next few years!

Spirit Yoda

Displaying IMG_20170515_212917_495.jpg

He glows in the dark! I’ve always wanted to have a Yoda POP but haven’t really liked any of them so when I saw this one I got really excited. I don’t know why (he kinda freaks my mum out) but I just really love him!

The Beast 

Displaying 20170615_165203.jpg

As a late birthday present my mum got me a new beast POP, he’s adorable help me!


What books have you bought lately? Do you collect POPS?



Hey guys today I’m coming at you with something completely new for my blog. I’ve got my tea ready and I have a BooksandLala Q&A on in the background and I am ready to go! Today, I’m going to try out a new feature (hopefully) on my channel. If you guys follow my blog regularly, you know that I mostly talk about books but really want to branch out and talk about other things, which by no means that I want to stop chatting about books with you guys! I actually have some fun bookish posts coming up for the rest of the year that I just just finished planning out (I am so excited).

So, today, to start off this feature I want to chat with you guys about some of the tv shows that I watch and a pattern that I’ve noticed in my shows lately. So lately I’ve noticed that the majority of my shows are crime or cop related. All of the shows shown below are shows I am actively watching, though I did just (literally, yesterday) get caught up with Lucifer.


asdssImage result for brooklyn nine nine Image result for grimm Image result for ncis la Image result for pushing daisies Image result for lucifer

I know this is a lot of shows to be watching, but don’t worry I’m not actually watching these all at the same time. Currently I am watching NCIS: LA after finishing my binge-watch of Lucifer. I do find that I have a fun collection of Police shows though, I have some comedy, fantasy and cutesy shows sprinkled into my collection. Have you guys watched any of the shows I mentioned above?

My Status:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.15

Grimm 3.03

NCIS: LA 2.18

Pushing Daisies 1.04

Lucifer Up to date

While I do watch other shows like Would I Lie To You?, Sense8 and Doctor Who I find that the majority of shows I watch are all investigative (even though I still think DW fits into the category). I think that I am naturally drawn to these types of shows, probably because I really enjoy trying to figure out the mystery along with the characters (which I seem to enjoy in books as well).


This post was a bit rambly and a lot shorter than I intended but I think that was just because I went into  this post without much direction, just knowing I wanted to talk about my tv shows. I am hoping to continue this feature, so let me know what you guys thought!


Which genres are you drawn to? What show are you obsessed with at the moment?


How To: Manage A Big TBR

Do you have a big TBR? You do? Me to! But, don’t worry because I am here to help you narrow down your TBr and figure out what to pick up next!

I know that  some booklovers really love having a big TBR, Goodreads or otherwise. Though, I really don’t. I prefer having a clean tbr shelf, that way I can more easily choose my TBR for the month. So, this is how I clean out my tbr shelf.




adsdividerarrowleftfeatureA Thousand Nights (A Thousand Nights, #1) Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things What We Sawdividerarrowrightfeature

My main piece of advice I can give is, if you have a big TBR, or even just an average TBR – if you have a TBR at all, just go through it. What I really want to press with this post is that we all have big TBRs and I think a lot of bloggers, or even just readers in general want to lower the number of books on our To-Read shelves. And so, due to the pretty large scale of books we want to read we don’t always have the time to knock down our stacks of books so what I like to do is narrow down my Goodreads and Physical TBRs.

So, you do yourselves a solid, man or woman up, get yourself a snack and sit down in front of your bookshelf and decide what you are and are not actually going to read. AND GUYS YOU NEED TO BE REALISTIC ABOUT THIS! It’s cool if you wanna hang onto all your books, I don’t blame you. But, if you don’t actually intend to read it then it’s not really on your tbr, is it?

What you really need to do is sit down and look at your shelves or better yet, do what I do and along with cussing out your unread physical books, also check out your tbr on Goodreads.

You never know what books you will actually read, but what I’m trying to point out is that people change and with that, so does taste in books. What I try to do every few couple of months or so is go through my Goodreads shelf, I mean I used to have a massive TBR, but not so much anymore. I prefer to have a smaller TBR, it helps me to narrow down my taste in books and help me to choose my monthly TBRs.

In preparation for this post I actually did a bit of spring cleaning (even though it’s Winter, lol) with my Goodreads shelves, which you can find here! I managed to get my To-Read shelf down from 236 books to 87 – I found 149 books that I didn’t want to read anymore!

Also, one small piece of advice I have is, if you have Goodreads shelves or you write your TBRs don’t add the sequels or next book in the series to your TBR – like, of course you’re probably going to read them but, you’re not up to that book yet so why add it to your to be read count.


adsdividerarrowleftfeatureInkheart (Inkworld, #1) Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood Nova, Volume 1: Resurrectiondividerarrowrightfeature

There’s also another aspect to this whole TBR thing – you have to make sure that you’re looking forward to the books on your TBR, hence the first part of step one. However, now you need to actually get out there, go to the book shop or watch some booktube – find some books you’re interested in and add them to your TBR! I mean, I don’t know about you guys but if I like to be motivated about a book, I’m probably not going to enjoy it if I didn’t even want to read it in the first place.



Okay, so you’ve got your TBR all sorted out. now all you have to do is… READ!

Firstly I recommend trying to finish off some of your series. Pick an author you really like, whose series/s maybe you meant to finish a year or two or go and go forth and binge! Or maybe try reading a few of those standalones you’ve been meaning to pick up but haven’t had the chance to read because of those series.

Although, if you’re not really feeling like reading specific things just to knock some books off your shelves. You can always just pick up one of your favourite authors or pick up one of those books that you’ve been meaning to read by a popular author.



How To: Read More // How To: Readathon // How To: Get Out Of A Reading Slump


How do you guys manage your to be read shelves? Do you go through your Goodreads shelves regularly?


Anne Season 1 Review and Thoughts!

Anne Review: Season 1:

Rating: ★★★★☆

No. Episodes: 7

Rotten Tomatoes:  86%

Censorship Rating: PG

Cast: Amybeth McNulty – Anne Shirley, Geraldine James – Marilla Cuthbert, R.H. Thomson – Matthew Cuthbert, Dalila Bela – Diana Barry, Corrine Koslo – Rachel Lynde , Aymeric Jett Montaz – Jerry Baynard, Lucas Jade Zumann – Gilbert Blythe

Image result for anne with an e gifs


Anne Shirley

  • Different Anne than we’ve seen before – Anne has PTSD
  • She’s come from a long history of abuse, you see this, not only in the flashbacks but in the way she reacts to the things people say and how she acts around others.
  • She still holds some of the same similarities to the Anne we all know and love (Imagination, language, nature) – she can come off as a bit of a ditz when she’s looking off into the clouds but then bam then she’s using all these 25 cent words, as Diana put it and you’re like, shit this kid’s actually smart. Unless you’re Marilla, because then you’re like, damn, someone shut this kid up.
  • Love the actress – she plays the character SOO well

Related image

Gilbert Blythe

  • I will always love Gilbert Blythe no matter what adaptation he’s in (that being said I’ve only watched this and the movies).
  • He gets a slake smacked over his head and his first thought is to smirk and have an awesome middle school come back.


  • Not the most faithful adaptation – there’s one scene in episode 2 (I’m pretty sure) where Matthew (who I love btw) chases Anne frantically, against time and reason – this was actually never in the book so it took me for a loop at first but I actually really enjoyed the episode. With this added plot we also got to see just how resilient and strong Anne is on her own.
  • This adaptation thrives off tragedy – Anne has her horrible back story and later on Gilbert becomes an orphan. They also created an entirely new backstory for Matthew Cuthbert. WHAT. He’s a painfully shy and light hearted farmer, who just wants to tend to the farm and listen to Anne chat for hours on end. And there’s nothing wrong with that so why the heck have they given him a show-invented dead brother???
  • Alsoooooooo, he tries to commit suicide??? Like, please in no world would Matthew Cuthbert, who travelled on horseback and in the back of wagons just to get Anne back, ever abandon his sister and Anne. It’s completely ridiculous!
  • Oh Oh Oh but I do have to say that I really enjoyed Jerry, he was a lot of fun and I really liked how much the Cuthberts came to enjoy his presence.
  • However, despite all of these things, I did rate this 4 stars for a reason, Why? Because I loved it, it’s not completely faithful but I loved Anne and I loved Gilbert ( SO MUCH HOW IS HE SO PRETTY SOMEBODY HELP ME) and so the show was a plus for me and I really hope we get a season 2.


Have you watched Anne? Do you prefer the book or the show?



Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig

my rating: ★★☆☆☆

tags: Mystery, LGBT+, YA, ownvoices, debut

goodreads rating: 3.76

Last Seen Leaving

I received an arc copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Flynn’s girlfriend has disappeared. How can he uncover her secrets without revealing his own?

Flynn’s girlfriend, January, is missing. The cops are asking questions he can’t answer, and her friends are telling stories that don’t add up. All eyes are on Flynn—as January’s boyfriend, he must know something.

But Flynn has a secret of his own. And as he struggles to uncover the truth about January’s disappearance, he must also face the truth about himself.



First off, the main line was awesome:

“There was a corpse in my neighbour’s front yard.”

Amazing cover, enticing premise and the protagonist is gay.

Last Seen Leaving gave me some serious Halloween vibes, it’s thrilling and short and I totally recommend that you guys pick this one up in October. It’s short enough that you could read it all on the night and still give yourself a bit of a scare. Though, this is just my opinion, Halloween is bull and you people are all really weird.




I really wanted to enjoy this but unfortunately when it came down to it and I thought about it for a minute, the cons outweigh the pros.

I am quite the Veronica Mars nerd and I have had my dalliances with the odd Nancy mystery, so I really thought I would love this novel, I’m pretty into teenage mystery solvers apparently. Unfortunately I just couldn’t get into this one, I just found it too unbelievable. I’m used to protagonists with backbone, who have a knack for the trade if you know what I mean. Characters like Veronica Mars (whom I love, if you couldn’t already tell) have a backbone and obviously have mystery inclined minds. They also have actual investigating skills and equipment, whereas Flynn solves a mystery, comes out as gay and I can’t even think if a third thing that happens, all in two weeks, solving a case that the police couldn’t???

Rather than a thriller this is a coming of age – it’s not really about finding out how January disappeared, though that is a large part of it. The novel is more so about Flynn finding out who he is and about him coming to terms with his sexuality.

I guess this just wasn’t what I’m used to with thrillers and maybe I should just get over myself. But I found the slow pacing and lack of an actual thriller to be a big let down for me. The story tends to rely mostly on misunderstandings and a hole lot of miscommunication and that’s something I really dislike in pretty much any type of media. I prefer a fast paced mind-fuck (for lack of a better term) compared to a slow-paced, and frankly, boring mystery. But that’s just me, because I can see that a lot of people devoured this book, so definitely read some of those reviews too before you pick it up!

ALSO, last thing I promise! I have seen soo many people pitching this as YA Gone Girl and can I stop you right there please and thank you?

Image result for no scream gif

I have read Gone Girl and it is one of my favourite books of all time, I love it and urge you all to read it. And people are comparing this sub par mystery to the mind-fuck of the century? NO, I cannot let this stand, sure, they have some similarities but that’s where it ends, the two are in no way in the same league, let alone the same rating box. I know that sounds harsh as hell but I loved that book and Last Seen Leaving just wasn’t as good, in my opinion.


  • The self discovery aspect of this novel was really interesting to read.
  • While this wasn’t a groundbreaking novel or anything new, really but it was a quick mystery I found easy to get through in between my classes.
  • Slow paced
  • I think the main character is 15 and the book ends with him dating a college student and that’s a reasonably large age/maturity gap, though we’re never told the guy’s age.


Have you read Last Seen Leaving? What did you think?