Hey guys, today I’m coming at you with a new TV Chats post! Today I’m talking about the tv shows I still haven’t started.

We all have those shows, the shows we’ve always meant to watch but for whatever reason just haven’t gotten around to it. For me, more recently it was Lucifer. I’ve been meaning to watch this show for at least a year but hadn’t actually gotten around to it until last month. So, of course as soon as I finally started watching the show I got completely obsessed with it!


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I’m sensing a theme with most of these shows, the first three are kind of older, not that they’ve been out for a long time just that they’re for older audiences, though I suppose Legion would also fit into that category.

This Is Us

I actually meant to start watching this show as soon as it came out, I was SOO excited for this show even before the show had started but watched episode 1 and then completely fell off the wagon with TV. This year, I have really fallen out of love with TV shows, I will occasionally find a show that I love like Lucifer, but I’m either sporadically re-watching Parks and Rec or Ben 10 or I am just not watching TV at all.

I do plan to eventually watch this show, but I think I will probably just binge-watch it once it eventually goes on Aus Netflix.


Late last year (probably August – December) I got pretty obsessed with Gilmore Girls (part of the reason I really want to watch This Is Us) and this is Lauren Graham’s other big series. So of course, I have to watch this one! I really love Lauren Graham and from what I’ve seen of Parenthood I’m like 90% sure I’m going to love it.

The Office (US)

I love Parks and Rec, the show based off of this so obviously I need to watch this. We actually only have the UK version of the show on Aus Netflix so I really don’t know when I’ll actually get around to watching this. I have heard amazing things though, and Steve Carell is amazing so duh.


I honestly don’t know how I haven’t watched this yet. It’s a superhero X-Men series with such an amazing cast. I mean, come on, Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens – how have I not seen it yet??

This series is seriously everything I look for in a TV show so I swear I will watch it by the time the year is up!


what shows have you been meaning to watch but just haven’t gotten around to?



Last month I made one of these posts talking about overhyped books so I thought to lighten the mood I would talk about books I think are worth the hype.

The Golden Door (The Three Doors Trilogy #1) Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1) Gone Girl Eating Animals

01  The Three Doors Trilogy by Emily Rodda

This is one of my favourite trilogies of all time. These books are amazing, the characters are all unique and the plot is phenomenal. Seriously, Emily Rodda is a genius, she really knows how to create a fantasy world that will have you on the edge of your seat.

02 Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

I have talked about this book sooo many times on my blog but that’s for good reason, this book is just that good. It’s cute, it’s emotional and it’s fun. Simon is a really great novel about oreo appreciation and acceptance.

03 The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I’ve yet to actually fully re-read this series but I have read the first three a couple of times. The Lunar Chronicles is a really fun science fiction series, with an amazing and diverse cast, it will have you crying and laughing and I cannot recommend it enough.

04 Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I’ve only ever read this once but let me tell you it was one of the single best reading experiences of my life. While reading Gone Girl I was constantly talking about it to whover would listen, there was a fair bit of yelling and oh boy was I excited when they announced the film. This is a crazy-ass book that will have you on the loor in a daze and that’s weeks after you’ve finished it – it’s got a a ridiculous amount of plot twists and the characters are horrible, read it – I dare you!

05 Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

This is a book that surorisingly, I really didn’t know if I would enjoy. 1- it’s nonfiction 2- it’s about the meat industry in the US. I’d never really read too many non-fiction novels before, and why would I want to read this one? I’m already a vegetarian and I don’t live in the US. Either way, I am so glad I decided to pick this one up. This book taught me so much, not only did I learn about how gross the meat industry can be, but it also gave me the oppotunity to learn about myself – it was a surreal experience reading this book and I wouldn’t take it back for the world.


Do you guys agree with that these books are worthy of the hype? What books do you think are worthy of the hype?



Hey guys today I’m coming at you with another book haul! I’ve decided to start including the arcs I receive in my hauls to spice things up a bit and so you guys can help me decide which to read next!

Lately I’ve felt really inspired to try and read more LGBT+ lit and so in an effort to pick up the slack I actually bought a bunch of queer reads. You guys will have to let me know if you have any queer recs for me in the comments!


Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens AgendaQueens of GeekStalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #1)The King's Men (All for the Game Book 3)The Raven King (All for the Game, #2)

Simon Vs The Homo Sapien’s Agenda // Queens of Geek // A Wrinkle in Time // Stalking Jack The Ripper // The Kings’s Men & The Raven King

Way back in the beginning of last year I borrowed Simon Vs from a friend and completely fell in love with the book. For some strange reason though I never picked it up but I saw it on sale at my local Dymocks so I finally picked it up and I’m constantly telling myself not to pick it up because I have soo many other books on my shelves!

UPDATE: I gave up and read it, I regret nothing.

And then literally two days later I bought Queens of Geek, what is happening to me?? I guess I’ve just really been in the mood for some LGBT contemporary lately. Seriously, what is happening?? I guess the stores near where I live are just finally getting the memo.  Anywayyy,  so I’ve heard only good things about this I expect I’ll be picking this up soon if I haven’t already finished it by the time this post goes up!

Back at the start of July I also went on a bit of a binge (though I only bought three books) on Wordery, I bought a graphic novel and a colouring book, as well as the Puffin Classics edition of A Wrinkle in Time. I have been meaning to re-read this for years and when I saw this awesome cover I couldn’t stop myself, and now I have a new copy. Though, I am justifying the purchase because my old copy is literally falling apart.

Later on in the month I also got pretty obsessed with my Kindle and so purchased Stalking Jack The Ripper, The King’s Men & The Raven King. I’ve heard only good things about Stalking Jack The Ripper and I’m really hoping to dive into it in September after all my big exams.

I actually bought the first book (The Foxhole Court) in the All For The Game trilogy a couple of years ago but STILL haven’t read it. But I bought the second and third books in the trilogy because they were like 80c and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that. I now have the full trilogy so hopefully I can get to it really soon!


Juliet Takes a Breath Crazy Stupid Love They Both Die at the End Persuading Austen

Juliet Takes A Breath // Crazy Stupid Love // They Both Die At The End // Persuading Austen

I told myself at the beginning of the year I was only going to request e-arcs if they were on my most anticipated list for the year, and two of these are so I sort of succeeded. Though I have sort of slackened that rule lately as I have felt more motivated to actually read my arcs and have recently fallen back in love with my kindle.

I requested Juliet Takes A Breath because on a whim I searched it up on Netgalley and saw they had it (which I was super surprised by because I’m pretty sure it came out in 2016). So I requested it and it honestly made my day 10x better when I saw that they had accepted.

With Crazy Stupid Love and Persuading Austen it was purely a case of I know I have a rough couple of months coming up and so I know I’m going to need some books without much plot to them. I am actually looking forward to them though, and so I’m hoping to get to them soon. Especially, since the second novel has to do with Pride and Prejudice and working behind the scenes on a movie.

I also got accepted for an arc of They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera and I actually screeched when I got the email. I haven’t been able to stop smiling all day because I really didn’t think I would get the arc. I will definitely have a review up soon!


A Wrinkle In Time Graphic Novel

I have actually been meaning to re-read A Wrinkle In Time for a while now so when I heard about this over on Mollie Reads’s YouTube channel I immediately had to  buy it. So you guys already know that I bought the novel, but this copy is actually a graphic novel. I have only seen the 2003 film and I have only read the book once, so I’m hoping to get to this in anticipation of the 2018 film!


I Hate Fairyland Colouring Book

Yeah, I have no excuse for this. I love Skottie Young’s artwork, and I love colouring books so my hand slipped and it “somehow” ended up in my cart. Whoops!

Image result for adipose pop figure         Image result for daphne pop vinyl

I also bought an Adipose pop, and was gifted Daphne from Scoby-Doo. The Adipose was actually my first Doctor Who pop so I’m hoping to add to the collection soon.


Have you read any of these books? Do you have any LGBTQ+ recommendations?




Okay, I just want to cut to it because I’m supposed to be studying right now (even though all I want to do is watch ncis la). The point of this post is to basically pre-warn you guys that this could be a pretty shaky month for me. Not only is this term 3 of my last year in high school, but this month my grade also takes the QCS test.

Image result for ugh gif tumblr

It’s a pretty big deal because it basically determines my future in only 2 days worth of tests.



Yeah, so anyway. the point of this catch up post is just to let you guys know that I really don’t know how this month is going to go. I’m writing this back in May (I am prepping for August so to de-stress myself as much as possible) so I expect all I’ll be doing is stressing about my 3 social science assignments, exam block and the QCS.

Basically what I’m trying to say, is that I really don’t know if I’m going to be around the blogging community much. August is probably going to be the worst school month of my life so far and I just don’t know if I’ll be able to fit it in between classes and studying.

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Anyway, all up – I’m sorry if it takes me ages to get back to you with comments or check out your blogs. It’s not anything wrong on your part it’s just all down to the fact that I won’t have time or I’ll be absolutely too exhausted.



The Sunshine Blogger Award 2.0

Hey guys today I’m coming at you with The Sunshine Blogger Award, but 2.0 because I;m lucky enough to have already been tagged in this before. This time I was nominated by Dani over at Perspective of a Writer.

Sunshine Blogger Award logo


  • Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

The Questions

1. If you had to chose a dystopian world to be sent to, which would it be and why?

I really don’t know, I mean it’s called a dystopian world for a reason. The first world that came to mind was The Giver which is slightly concerning to me. I feel like I could cope with the world of The Giver, because 90% of the characters don’t have clue and just follow the rules and be happy with their little families. But at the same time there is so much wrong with the world of The Giver and while I LOVE structure and having rules, I do also value freedom.

2. What are your favorite blog posts to write and why?

Uhhh, my favourite posts to write are my Discussion and How To posts, but lately I have also started to FINALLY talk about tv shows, and have actually just introduced a fun new feature called TV Chats. I’m hoping this will let you guys get to know me, because I am a massive film nerd outside of my book life.

3. Under what circumstances would you DNF a book?

Honestly, this is the time of year where I feel the most inclined to DNF a book. At the moment I am completely exhausted. It’s currently 7pm while I’m writing this and I have already fallen asleep at my computer twice, go me!

Anywayyyyy, I usually dnf for different reasons, it really just depends on the book. For example, I DNF’d The Knife of Never Letting Go because I couldn’t stand the writing, I would still like to know what happens though (I’m probably just going to end up watching the movie lol). But with other books like The Kiss of Deception I was just bored and didn’t care for the plot.

4. What types of characters do you love most? (i.e. like genre but for characters, examples: strong female, hot love interest, nerds, pirates, if you can group them and love them, name them!)

I know it would make sense to say the nerdy character but in all the books with nerdy characters that I’ve read, so far I haven’t actually liked any of the characters.

I don’t know if this a genre of character per say but my favourite kind of character is one that grows throughout the book, or even better the character who really finds themself and has some top notch character development by the end of the series.

5. If you could teleport to any city in the world which would it be? If you had to make your way home on you own would it still be the same city?

This is going to sound really lame but I’ve always wanted to got to London. I can’t exactly explain the draw, but it’s always been a goal of mine to eventually go there. I have two travelling goals in life: 1. go to London 2. go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

6. If you wrote a book, what would it be about? (i.e. the premise, type of characters, world?)

Here’s the thing, I am not a writer. I can write you an analytical essay in an hour or two and it won’t be half bad, but if you ask me to write you something even remotely creative, it just won’t happen.

However, for the sake of the question, if I were to write a book it would probably be fantasy. That’s all I can say, I know it’s boring but I really can’t think of any ideas right now.

7. If a band were to be featured in a fictional story, which would you want it to be and why?

Oh jeez, I don’t know when the last time I intentionally listened to a band was so this should be interesting.

I kind of think it would be interesting to see Panic! At The Disco in any kind of novel, but particularly a historical fiction or Fantastic Beasts kind of setting. They have awesome music and I really think it would be cool to see the two clash because they’re so different.

8. What book describes you best? (Is it a particular character, the cover or the story?)

I feel like this is such an obvious answer but Fangirl (in terms of the title) definitely describes me best because I am 100% a nerd. The book itself definitely does not apply to me (even though I have terrible anxiety) because I don’t write fanfiction (and rarely read it) and would never plagiarise because duh!

9. Favourite book universe and why? (Is it the friends you would have, the world you would live in or the abilities/circumstances you would be in?)

Like the above answer mine will be pretty lack luster here, but I would really love to be in the Wizarding World. The main reason though is purely because I would want to be a Magizoologist because the animals are always my favourite parts of th HP books.

10. What is your favourite book pet? Real pet? Ultimate pet?

My favourite book pet is a dog. My favourite real pet is a dog. My ultimate pet is a dog. I’m sensing a theme here.

11. If you’d humor me and look at this post I wrote about Korean dramas… which banner looks like it has a story you would be interested in reading/watching?

I’m assuming that a banner is the number and title?? (sorry I’m quite sleep deprived right now)

Honestly, no. 8 “Multiple Kinds of Relationships” sounds awesome. I enjoy any show or book that includes familial and friend relationships, and not just romantic relationships because I feel like often those other relationships can be so much more powerful than a romance.


I Nominate The Last 5 people I talked to:

Kristin @ Kristinkravesbooks

Annie @ Annielikeswords

Violet @ Thewhimsicalwordsofanagreeablebookworm

Isatta @ Theabominablebookgirl

Emma @ Readingthroughthenight


My Questions:

01 Do you listen to audiobooks?

02 Do you structure your bookshelves? (genre, colour, author…etc)

03 How do you feel about comics and graphic novels?

04 Unpopular opinion! Which popular book or series don’t you like?

05 Summarise your last read in 5 words.

06 Do you participate in readathons?

07 Do you snack while reading?

08 Where do you like to read?

09 Apples or Oranges?

10 Recommend a diverse read!

11 Spread the love! Which blogs have you followed recently?


What type of character do you love most? What book describes you best?



We all have pretty massive TBRs, right? Well why not add to them! I feel like people have such big to be read piles but not much real diversity on them. I’m pretty much in the same boat though. 

Pretty much all of the novels on this list are well-known LGBT books but I’m hoping to make another post soon with other recs. I’m not impressed with the amount I’ve read so far and I wanted to make a post recommending some of my favourites that I have read.

Everything Leads to You Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Our Own Private Universe The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)

Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour

It’s like nothing happens in this novel but also everything happens. I doubt this will have a long lasting impact on me but I certainly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it! It’s a fun and quick LGBT novel, it’s light and involves a short little mystery. It’s a really fun novel so you guys should totally check it out.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of The Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

I actually only gave this 3 stars when I read it, but I did manage to read it in one sitting. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the writing but I did really enjoy the novel overall. You can read my review here!

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

THIS BOOK. I bet you’ve heard of it! Surprisingly not that many people have actually read it. This is actually being turned into a movie that should be coming out around March next year.

It’s about a teenage boy who has been talking to another boy in his school, the both of them are gay but they don’t know who the other is. It’s really cute and easy to read in one go. If you haven’t read this yet you should definitely pick this up asap!

Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this book, but I think that can probably just be put down to the slow pacing. I was really  enjoying this but got around half way through before school started up again and I didn’t have enough time to finish it. Eventually, I got back to it and it just wasn’t the same – due to stress or me just trying to finish it quickly.

This is a really good book though, it’s got a cute lesbian romance and a pretty realistic situation for an lgbt kid. I did really appreciate this new perspective, it was nice to read a book that didn’t have all white people in it. You can read my review here!

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater


I haven’t made my love for this series a secret on my blog, but I feel like I haven’t talked about it in a while. This is a really fun series, it’s more character based than plot driven, but that’s a good thing, for me at least. I personally really enjoy books that are more about the characters than anything else.

This series is really cool, and the lgbt couple is ADORABLE. If you know anything about this series or Tumblr then you know that this is a pretty popular pair of boys.


Young Avengers, Volume 1: Style > Substance

Young Avengers

The cast of characters in this trilogy are all really unique and fun so I definitely recommend this! This is a really fun trilogy with an adorable couple of teenage boys. This is quite a popular series and basically all of the characters are fantastic! You can read my review of volume 1, here!

Have you read any of these? Do you have any LGBTQ+ books (or comics) to recommend?


The Star Wars Book Tag!

I’ve been in a bit of a Star Wars binge today so I went in search of a tag! I found this one, the creator is one of my favourite Booktubers so of course I had to do it! I’ll probably do another post around Star Wars sooner to when Episode 8 comes out!

You can find the original video here!

Image result for star wars banner

If it’s in blue it’s a link!


01 R2-D2:  a book that made you laugh out loud

Yes Please

Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I’ve only read this twice – once before I watched Parks and Rec and once again, after I watched the show. All in all, it’s a really fun novel and if you come across the audiobook you should totally give it a go, Amy narrates it so it’s like 10x better than the actual book.

02 Padme Amidala: Kickbutt female character

The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co., #1)

Lucy Carlyle from Lockwood & Co. This girl is amazing, she’s a badass YA female but she also has feelings; she’s a phenomenon. Lucy Carlyle is fantastic, she’s a total badass and I truly love her.

03 Leia Organa: Best or worst love triangle?

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)

The crown goes to the guy, the other guy and the main chick from Shatter Me. Can you tell I was super into this trilogy? No, good – because I really wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong I think Tahereh Mafi is precious and should be protected but damn I really hated this set of books. That, being said her new companion series sounds awesome!

Anyway… this trilogy had the worst love triangle. One of the guys was completely horrible and the other guy was self-obsessed and from what I remember just wanted to bang the chick 24/7.

04 Luke Skywalker: rising star author, a new author you’ve discovered and absolutely love

asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfaSimon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda   The Upside of Unrequited

Becky Albertalli definitely. Albertalli’s debut novel, Simon was really great and it’s definitely one of my favourite contemporary novels of all time. It’s a really fun story and I cannot recommend it enough!

05 Anakin Skywalker: a book or series that started out well and then became bad

Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I loved the first book in this trilogy, and still to this day adore Laini Taylor’s writing but after the first book, the trilogy really went downhill for me. I only finished the trilogy because one of my friends was obsessed at the time.

06 Qui-Gon Jinn: Worst character death

asdasdasdagggsdsdImage result for fred hedwig fanart

(art) // (art)

Hedwig & Fred from Harry Potter. These two really hit me hard. They were tw of my favourites from the series so of course I was completely heartbroken when they died, for me, they had some of the most impact on me.

07 Han Solo: a book with a lot of sass

Image result for pride and prejudice cover

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. The main character, Lizzie has some of the most sass that I’ve ever noticed in a character, whichis nuts even for the time period.

08 Emperor Palpatine: Best world Building?

The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)

Pretty much anything Sanderson has written but I have only read Mistborn so…

I’ve heard amazing feedback about Sanderson’s other series’ but because I haven’t read them yet so I’m going with Mistborn. Brandon Sanderson has the best world-building skills I’ve seen so far and I cannot wait to read more of his books!

09 Obi-Wan Kenobi – a book you went in with low expectations and that blew you away

The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co., #1)

I picked up The Screaming Staircase at a $2 shop and read it back in December and my mind was blown. I really had no expectations about this series when I bought the first book, if anything I was expecting to dislike it. All I knew was that it was about ghosts and had an awesome cover, I am now a big fan of the series and can’t wait to read the next book!

10 Yoda: a book that taught you something or that made you grow

Eating Animals

Eating Animals, more than anything else. I haven’t really read too many books that would fit into this category but Eating Animals had a massive impact on me, it really helped to open my eyes to how disgusting and horrible the meat industry can be, and made me very happy to be a vegetarian.

11 Darth Vader: favourite villain

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter #1)

Good ‘ol Voldy from Harry Potter. There are a load of villains to choose from but Voldemort has to take the cake. He’s just that classic villain that everyone knows, I mean when you think of a villain you think of Voldemort – he is just plain evil.


Do we share any of the same opinions? Are you excited for the new SW movie?